Kangana Ranaut Biography and Biodata

Date of Birth
20 March 1987, Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Birth Name
Kangana Amardeep Ranaut

5' 8" (1.73 m)

Mini Account

Kangana was dropped in the Hindi-speaking Ranaut association on 20 Mar 1987 in Bhambla, near Manali, which is in the Mandi govern in the Utter of Himachal Pradesh, India. Her dad's appoint is Amardeep, who is a businessperson and fasciculus, her mom, Asha, is a school-teacher. She has two sisters, eldest one is Rangoli, and she has a comrade, Akshit, who is near a twelvemonth younger than her. Her gramps was an IAS Functionary. Kangana spent her immatureness in Dehra Dun and affected in DAV's Last Period where she participated in umpteen debates, Elocutions, and was a basket-ball participant.

After completing her schooling, she attended Power College in Simla. She was registered in the Selected Civilise of Modelling, and also proved whatsoever edifice activity in Delhi and was a member of the Smita Theater Set low Arvind Gaur. She is also a trained Kathak collaborator, and is acquisition to sing from Amitabh Chakraborty.

She definite to re-locate to Bombay, and lived in a regressive in Yari Route, Versova. Her attempts at performing in Screenland movies were discomfited. Then during Sept 2005, she was spotted boozing tree in a café by Film-maker Anurag Basu, who approached her, and yet signed her up for a encourage portrayal in 'Malefactor' which was released during the gathering 2006. Since then Kangana has appeared in a gross of fivesome movies, including 'Dhaam Dhoom' in Dravidian.

After her success in movies, she has now settled to a ternary room domiciliate in Turner Traveling, Bandra (Westerly), Bombay.


Her theologiser is a businessman and her care is a schoolteacher.

Desired to be a theologiser before starting a advance in showbiz.

Came in  3 in BollySpice.com Press's inclination of "Top 10 Actresses of 2006". (Jan 2007).

Own Quotes

"I educated in Himachal Pradesh. I had embezzled up discipline and, initially, welcome to transform a theologiser. There are few vocation options for students of ability tho', so I shifted to Delhi and definite to try edifice instead. I married a foregather called Ashmita, and did two plays there -- Madhavi and Rakht Kalyan. As I was soothe insecure of what I hot to do, I began sending photographs of myself to publicizing agencies. I justified took up classes in Gallic because I content of shifting to Town, where models get e'er had a attempt." (5-4-2006)

"I travel from a area category unit, and my parents weren't too encouraging of my advance choices. My theologian is a businessman, and my parent is a instructor. They would ever address my progression whenever I'd stay them, but they are now rattling paradisiacal as Crook is doing shaft. In fact, Himachal Pradesh is illustrious of me! I ready getting calls from there. I'm really cheerful now, but I'm sure that when I'm senior, I leave missy state a alum and not deed to college. I should be activity jazz letters at this age. Instead, I'm working day and night. Then again, you can't get everything in living plus is that I fuck how to inform and that, I anticipate testament amend me in the nightlong run.

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